Please read these instructions carefully to help make your registration go smoothly!

Hi! Welcome to Hammo registration. This year's theme is Embrace the Grace and we are excited about the great program we will be lining up. The registration platform will be easy to use and still allow you to pay by either check or credit card. We hope you like it!


The registration process will involve multiple forms. The majority of youth leaders will need to complete 2 forms. Leaders with more than 14 youth in their group will need to complete 3 forms.

There are also 2 forms that will only be needed if you need to add, remove, or substitute participants at a later date, after you have registered.

Once submitted, you should receive an email confirmation for each form. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you do not receive a confirmation.

Here are the forms:

1st Form: Adult Participant/Leader Registration

This form is to identify your church and register all adults. It contains sections for basic church information, selection of camping and meal options, registration fees and payment, and entering information for up to 6 adult participants.

Please take note…The primary youth leader name and info needs to be entered twice; once as part of the church info and again as one of the 6 adults attending the event.

Adults are considered to be any person who is 18 years of age or older. Although most in this category will be "leaders," in some cases youth participants may meet this age category. All adults (age 18 or older) will need to supply home address and date of birth on this form.

2nd and 3rd Forms: Youth Registration (1-14) and Youth Registration (15-28)

These forms involve the largest number of entries so we've split them into 2 forms with 14 entries per form. All youth information will be listed on these forms. One or both of these forms MUST be submitted after you’ve submitted the Adult Participant/Leader Form.  

4th Form: This is a form to Add adult or youth participants at a later date

Skip this form if you have no additions. Use it only to register additional participants after you have submitted the initial registration forms. This form has the same payment structure as the initial (adult participant) form. Once you’ve added the adults and/or youth, you can pay with either credit card or check. If you are removing or substituting people, use the 5th form.

5th Form: This form is to Remove or Substitute participants at a later date

Skip this form if you have no one to remove or substitute. Use it only if registered participants need to be removed or if you are replacing a registered person with a new person. If you are removing people prior to August 1st and are entitled to a refund, it will be processed manually through the Synod. The form also has the option for you to donate your refund.


The best approach for completing any of the forms is to collect, in advance, completed permission forms from all youth participants and similar information from adult leaders and participants. (Remember that adult registrations require date of birth and home address.) Use permission forms specific to your church or access generic permission forms on our website at Once you have all the necessary information, you can complete the appropriate registration forms.


Most youth leaders will only need to complete the first 2 forms. Large youth groups will require 3 forms. You do NOT need to complete all forms at the same time, however individual forms MUST BE COMPLETED IN ONE SESSION. You CANNOT save your work and come back later to finish the form. If you need to add, remove, or substitute participants at a later date, use the "Add More People" or "Removing and/or Substituting Participants" forms designed for those purposes.


The refund policy for this event is: Full refund through July 31. No refunds after that date.


Completion of registration for adult and/or youth participants grants permission to the New England Synod, planners and organizers of the Hammo event to photograph and/or video any participants and reproduce, display, or otherwise use said photographs and/or videos for promotional purposes or in social media outlets to further the mission of the New England Synod.

If you run into problems or have questions, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


After you've received confirmation of your registration, please visit the "Getting Ready" section of this site for everything you need to know about the event itself. It's important that you read through all the information provided, and print off anything that you would like to have at the event.


Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Registrations should be entered by August 15th. Registrations entered after August 15th may be accepted as capacity allows, however, admittance is not guaranteed. Any group whose registration is received after August 15th runs the risk of not receiving T-shirts due to deadlines for getting the shirts printed.


Hammo is intended for youth in grades 8-12. However, if leaders have youth that are interested in attending and leaders feel they can handle the program for their age, we do not turn people away. Keep in mind that every person, regardless of age, is considered in the campground occupancy totals, and therefore must be fully registered. Registration includes completing the online registration and paying the registration fee (there is a processing fee for participants paying by credit card).

Since the event is geared for high school students, we recommend one adult for every 5 youth. We recognize that some groups may need more adults for transportation purposes. In those cases, there should be no fewer than 3 youth per adult. The only exception should be very small groups who need to have two advisors (i.e., male and female).